Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc.

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New Outreach Endeavor 2023: "R.E.A.C.H."

Restoration Ministries is preparing to "roll out" our new outreach endeavor, "R.E.A.C.H."  The acronym stands for Restoration, Education, Advocacy, Collaboration and Hope."

While the actual implementation of REACH will happen over several years, it is our hope to begin to put various aspects of the vision into place starting in 2023.

Mission statement:

Through educational, local and national partnerships, REACH will create ongoing paths to healthier living options for underserved youth in low income communities and suburbs in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area. 

Vision Statement: 

Through REACH, healthier living options for youth will be a reality in our community, honoring the dignity of all people. Through collaborations with like-minded organizations REACH will offer several initiatives...

R.E.A.C.H. will partner with like-minded organizations to specifically and strategically address targeted needs in the community through education, advocacy and collaborations with other community partners. R.E.A.C.H. will seek funding and in-kind services to offer the following educational and enrichment programming within the Greater Cleveland area:

  • “Eating on the Skinny,” a quarterly, healthy nutrition based cooking class, offered in collaboration with local health institutions and dieticians (in-kind services) designed to teach individuals and families how to identify, purchase and prepare healthy meals on a “skinny” budget (collaboration with local grocery stores or food bank to supply food for the cooking classes)
  • “Let’s Move” exercise classes offered in collaboration with local fitness instructors or health care workers (volunteers) in local community centers or churches, designed to teach basic, healthy, fun exercises for all ages
  • “Can We Talk?” Open and honest dialogue sessions with local teens about the pressures of being a teen (premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, dating, etc.). Offered in collaboration with health care professionals, clergy and parents.
  • “Health Talk” Series, offered quarterly on various topics related to physical, psychological, social and economical health, free and open to the public. Offered in collaboration with local professionals (in-kind services)
  • “Career Connections,” A program designed to work with local schools to expose students to various career/vocational options as well as creating clear paths towards internship opportunities within businesses and various other entities throughout the community, with a view towards resume building and employment opportunities after successful completion. Additionally, mentoring and tutorial services, in collaboration with our community connections will be implemented.

Restoration Ministries continues the collaborative groundwork developed through Covenant Baptist Church. Below are several of our ministry endeavors:

"Healthy Temples: Supporting Healthy Minds, Bodies and Spirits:" A special series of workshops and events designed to educate community members on healthy eating and living practices as well as to offer bags of fresh produce to class participants. Collaborative partners in the past have included the Cleveland Clinic, Simon's Grocery Store, Ohio SNAP-Ed and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

Common Ground

Common Ground is an initiative of the Cleveland Foundation, designed to draw communities together through intentional conversations. The Foundation states,  "United by a common question, all Common Ground conversations have the same goal: to create spaces where meaningful connections are made and purposeful actions begin." In 2018 our ministry began to participate in Common Ground, along with other community members to address food insecurity in Cuyahoga County. Today, Restoration Ministries serves as a Common Ground conversation host, with conversations scheduled throughout the year. The goal is for the conversations to lead to strategies to address issued raised.

Project Hope for the Homeless:  Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets provided

National and International Missions Support: Restoration Ministries joins with our denominational partners to offer monetary support to address community, national and international during disasters and other times of critical need.

"Faith in the City:" A collaboration between clergy and churches to address community needs in the Euclid, Ohio area