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Covenant Prepares for historic Ordination Service...

Covenant "Daughters," Associate Ministers Ramona Guadalupe, Patrice Brewer and Kathryn Johnson.

Over the past several weeks, Covenant Baptist Church in collaboration with the Cleveland Baptist Association Department of Ministry hosted three ordination councils.  Associate Ministers Patrice Brewer, Kathryn Johnson and Ramona Guadalupe each defended their ordination papers before the delegates of the Association member churches.  Each minister, following the reading of their papers received unanimous votes of affirmation and recommendations that Covenant Baptist Church proceed with holding their ordination service!

We are so very proud of our daughters and we give God high praise for blessing Covenant to be a part of their ministry journey!

Save the Date...

On Sunday, January 7th, 2018 at 5:00 pm., Covenant Baptist Church will present FOUR Associate Ministers to be ordained (3) and to receive ABC Ordination Recognition (1) in the persons of Kathryn Johnson, Patrice Brewer, Ramona Guadalupe and William Brewer (ABC Recognition)! This will be the first time in the history of Covenant that so many ministers will be presented for ordination at one time! 

We are grateful for the time, effort and presence of our Executive Minister, Rev. Yvonne Carter and the members of the CBA Department of Ministry.  We are indebted to the pastors and delegates of the CBA member churches who faithfully came out and supported our efforts for three Mondays!  Stay tuned for more information about this wonderful event!

Covenant's Motto:

"Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God"

Covenant's Vision:

"To be a strong , vibrant, evangelistic and

               disciple making ministry"


                    Covenant's Mission: 


              Teaching, Evangelizing, Accountable, Making a difference for the Kingdom!