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Covenant Baptist Church "Healthy Temples: Supporting Healthy Minds, Bodies and Spirits, 2018!"

Healthy Temples Volunteers, "Healthy Eating Cooking Class" leaders and participants, June 9th, 2018...

"Healthy Eating, Overcoming Depression, Let's Move Fitness, Inner Healing..."

With the help of our community partners, Covenant Baptist Church held it's 2nd annual "Healthy Temples: Supporting Healthy Minds, Bodies and Spirits," events, Saturday, June 9th, through Wednesday, June 13th.

Saturday, June 9th featured our "Healthy Eating" Cooking class. Led by our community partner, Beth Hustead from the  Ohio SNAP-Ed Colleges of Food and Environmental Sciences & Education and Human Ecology ,  along with our own "First G," Bro. Aristide Smith, Jr., and Associate Minister, Rev. Raymon Reed provided instructions and demonstrations on how to prepare healthy, tasty meals on a budget.  Hearty samples and free groceries were provided to class participants.  We are grateful to our additional community partners, The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (Roger Sikes) and Simon's Supermarket who worked together with Covenant to provide $500 worth of fresh produce to give to class participants. Fifty (50) bags of groceries were distributed during the class as well as afterwords to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.  Check out the videos below for more information...

Bro. Bob Ivory, Guest Speaker, Pastor Chris, Dr. Jacquelyne Bailey and Rev. Raymon Reed below...

Healthy Temples Classes for Youth and Adults...

Healthy Temples fitness class, led by our community partner, Cleveland Clinic representative, Ms. Linda Greene, line dance instructor...

Covenant Healthy Temples series, 2018 concluded  with a focus upon healthy youth. Teachers worked with youth and adults concerning healthy communication, healthy self esteem, choosing our words wisely and understanding who we are in Christ. We give God praise for ALL of our community partners, including The Cleveland Clinic Health + Faith Cooperative (Rev. Brian Shields, Staff Chaplain and Rev. Jacquelyne Bailey, CCF Office of Government and Community Relations), Rev. Iris Lynn Bailey, President and Founder, "Pipeline to God, Inc.," Minister LaChaka Askew, Author and Youth Class Instructor, focused upon prayer; Ms. Linda Greene, CCF Representative, Line Dance instructor, Beth Hustead from the Ohio Snap-Ed Colleges of Food and Environmental Sciences, Kirstin Craciun, Director, Community Outreach, The Center for Health Affairs; Simon Hussein, owner, Simon's Super Market, The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (Roger Sikes, Creating Healthy Communities Program Manager) and volunteers from St. John of the Cross Parish. We praise God for helping this year's Healthy Temples Initiative to be a marvelous success for Christian service, community outreach and holistic health education!

Covenant Youth Day, 2018

On Sunday, June 10th, 2018, Covenant celebrated its Annual Youth Day with Guest Speaker, Bro. Bob Ivory, Director Students of Promise, USA.  Youth participated and led in each aspect of the worship.  We were blessed by the youth praise dance ministry of  "First Love Outreach Ministries," Pastors Robert & Miriam Scott.  A delicious meal and fellowship followed worship. We praise God for our BEAUTIFUL young people!!!

Supermarket Organizing Common Ground Event...
Healthy Temples Initiative expands collaborative efforts...

On Sunday, June 24th, 2018  "Residents from East Cleveland, Cleveland, Euclid and Lakewood came together to discuss improving access to and quality of supermarkets. Residents learned about community organizing strategies used in Euclid and Buckeye to work with local and regional government and Simon's Supermarket on supermarket implementation. 

Residents are developing a regional strategy for government funding to help implement and hold accountable supermarkets in working class neighborhoods across Cuyahoga County."

Covenant Associate Minister, Rev. Kathryn Johnson, represented Covenant at the Supermarket Organizing event meeting at Simon’s Grocery Store, Euclid. Ohio..

Participants discussed how public funding can be used to address food deserts. Simon's Euclid store was the groundbreaking project. With major input from the community and government loans and grants, the efforts resulted 45-50 local/Euclid jobs, increased tax base for the city and most importantly affordable fresh food for the community.

Two of the major community concerns raised were safety and employment for returning citizens. In an effort to address these concerns, Simon's has removed background checks verbiage from their employment applications and will employ formerly incarcerated persons. They also have put specific safeguards in place for the public and employees.

We applaud Simon‘s Supermarkets for partnering with communities across the Greater Cleveland area to help decrease food deserts. We also applaud the Cuyahoga County Board of Health in general and Mr. Roger Sikes in particular who is championing this cause and aggressively, strategically approaching avenues to create systemic change. Covenant sees collaborating with our community partners in this endeavor as a necessary extension of our “Healthy Temples” Initiative!

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