Covenant Mens Day Weekend 2015 Covenant Mens Day Weekend 2015 Covenant Mens Day Weekend 2015 Workshop Participants, Workshop: "Essential Elements of Evangelism and Discipleship 197850084 Minister Tanya Leading Workshop 197850085 Workshop Leaders, Rev. James Crews and Minister Tanya Wright with Pastor Chris 197850086 Covenant Men's Day Worship 2015 "1st Gentleman," Aristide Smith, Jr., giving the Call to Worship 197850653 Aristide Smith III with Deacon Kevin Johnson 197850654 197850655 Joshua and Caleb playing the Morning Hymn, "Rise Up Oh Men of God" 197850656 Men's Day Fellowship Dinner 197850657 Carlos and Tyler 197850658 Deac Kevin, Bro AS III, Bro. Tony and Bro AS, Jr. 197850659 Covenant Men's Day Weekend 2015 Covenant Men's Day Chairman, Deacon Kevin Johnson 197850660 Covenant Men's Day Weekend Covenant Men's Day Chairman, Deacon Kevin Johnson, Greeting Congregation 197850661 197850718 Deac Kevin, Pastor Chris, Rev. Jeff Sanders (Keynote Speaker), Bro. Aristide, Jr., and Revelation (Son of speaker) 197850719 197850720 197850721 Men's Day Fellowship Dinner 197850722 197850723 197850724 Hospitality Ministry Members Serving Dinner 197850725 197850726 Men's Day Male Chorus 197850727 197850728 Momma Johnson 197850729 197850730 197850731 197850732 197850733 197850734 197850735 197850736 Men's Day, 2015 Men's Day Program Participants with Guest Speaker, Rev. Jeff Sanders, Sr., and Pastor Chris 197850737 197850738 Guest Preacher, Rev. Jeff Sanders, Sr., Senior Pastor, Community of Faith, Baptist Church 197850739 197850740 197850741 197850742 197850743 Covenant Musician, Sister Byrd 197850744 Hospitality Chairperson, Sister Cecelia 197850745 197850746 197850747 Pastor Chris and Bro. Tim 197850748 Men's Day Weekend Flyer, 2015 197850749 Men's Day Weekend Web postcard 197850750 Sisters Denise, Henri and Cecelia during workshop 197850751 Workshop participants in prayer 197850753 Men's Day Workshop: Essential Elements of Evangelism and Discipleship Guest Workshop Presenter, Rev. James Crews 197850754 Women in prayer, during workshop 197850365 Head Greeter, Sister Helen and Pastor Chris 197862144