Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc.

    "Revived, Renewed, Restored Through Christ!"

About Our History...

The End of an Era, the Dawn of a New Day...

For over 60 years, "Covenant Baptist Church" served in the Wickliffe, Ohio community.  As the congregation experienced many challenging transitions, Senior Pastor, Rev. Christine A. Smith, along with the church officers, led the congregation in a five-year vision plan to move the church forward. July 30th, 2019, marked a major shift in the life of this ministry.  After seven years of much prayer, planning and preparation, God blessed the congregation to finally sell the property at 28930 Ridge Road Wickliffe, Ohio. On September 6th, 2019, the church officially changed its name to "Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc." Our new theme is "Revived, Renewed, Restored Through Christ!" We are excited about the new direction and fresh vision given by the Lord! Stay tuned for more information as the ministry and vision unfolds to the glory of God! Our congregation continues to worship on the St. John of the Cross Parish campus in Euclid, Ohio until the Lord leads us to purchase a new worship facility.

Charter Members of Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc....

The following individuals served as the Charter Members of Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc., September 2019:

The Reverend Dr. Christine A. Smith, Senior Pastor

Bro. Aristide Smith, Jr., 1st Gentleman

Junior Deacon, Aristide Smith, III

Caleb A. Smith

Aris C. Smith

Rev. Kathryn R. Johnson, Church Treasurer and Associate Minister

Rev. Ramona Guadalupe, Associate Minister

Rev. Nadean Shopbell, Associate Minister

Deacon Kevin R. Johnson, Deacon Board Chairman

Deacon Juanita Jett 

Deacon Ruby Houston

Sister Vera Wilson

Bro. Nick Wilson

Sister Helen Jackson

Sister Wanda Brown

Sister Gladys Brown

Sister Kristen Smith

Bro. Matthew Smith

Sister Tyler Smith

Covenant, the early years...


Covenant Baptist church was established in 1956 as an American Baptist Church in Wickliffe, Ohio.  It was organized by a group of community conscious believers desiring to bring an American Baptist Christian witness to the Wickliffe area.  The founding Pastor was The Reverend Otto Loverude. 

About Our Identity


We are a Christian congregation, basing our lives on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  We are a community that worships, studies and serves together. We are an American Baptist congregation, with covenant and mission ties to the American Baptist Churches, USA.  We share the historic convictions of American Baptists about religious freedom, the separation of church and state, a call to evangelism and mission, and a passion for social justice. We are also dually aligned with the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. 

We are a biblically guided congregation, committed to a continuing study of the Scriptures, accepting its divine inspiration and the role of the Holy spirit in its interpretation, seeking a growing understanding of God's love and grace.

We are a mission-minded congregation, seeking to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of our communities and the world.  We strive to be witnesses to God's love and Christ's grace and transforming power.

About Our History

Covenant Baptist Church was established out of a dream to provide a Christian witness with an American Baptist identity to Wickliffe and the surrounding communities.  Our church was organized in 1953, and we received our charter in 1956.  Before the building was erected, worship was held at the Wickliffe City Hall.  Meetings were held in individual homes.  In the spring of 1957, ground was broken to begin construction of the present church building.  During that year, the Wickliffe City Schools used four of our classrooms as the "Ridge Road School." The second section of our church was built in 1962.  We added two new offices, a crib room, three more classrooms, another furnace room, a parlor, two lavatories, and a large social hall with a small kitchen.  In the fall of 1963, nine of our classrooms were being used by the Wickliffe City Schools.  In the winter of that year, the 250 students and their teachers were able to move into public school facilities.  In 1974, we were able to build our own baptistery.  A model was constructed to show how the proposed remodeling would look. 

The men of our congregation gave of their time and talents to complete the project.  In 1985 we merged with the First Baptist Church of Euclid.  A moving service celebrating this union was held and the name of the church was officially changed from The Covenant Baptist Church of Wickliffe to Covenant Baptist Church.  Along with this merger came the addition of carpeting and pews to complete the sanctuary as it appears today.  In 1991, we celebrated our 35th anniversary with a major celebration.  Many people have contributed their faith, time and talents to making Covenant who we are today.

Over the years, the Lord has graciously provided the following persons to shepherd our congregation:                                                 

                              The Reverend Otto Loverude (1955-1966)

                                The Reverend Ronald Kelder (1967-1974)

                             The Reverend Dennis Stull (1976-1979)

                                The Reverend Lee Edward Prong (1980-1986)

                             The Reverend G Reed Taylor (Interim) (1986-1988)

                             The Reverend Kent Harrop (1988-1994)

                             The Reverend James McMullen (Interim) (1994-1995)

                             The Reverend David Chapman (1995-2001)

As we prayerfully waited for the Lord to send our next leader, we were blessed to have the following persons serve as our interim pastors:


                               The Reverend Thomas Olcott  (Interim) (2002 -2004)

                                The Reverend Wesley Toles (Interim) (2005-2006)

God's Word declares, "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31 KJV).  On January 15, 2006 the Lord led the congregation of the Covenant Baptist Church to extend the call to the Reverend Christine A. Smith to serve as our 7th pastor.  Upon acceptance of the call, Reverend Smith became the first female pastor in the history of the Covenant Baptist Church and only the second female Baptist pastor (of a mainline denomination - American Baptist Churches, USA) in the Greater Cleveland area. 

After having experienced many transitions due to the death of elders, changes in membership and increasing difficulties with the physical structure, in 2013, the Covenant Baptist Church Congregation voted unanimously to place the property at 28930 Ridge Road, Wickliffe Ohio on the sales market.  The last official Sunday that the congregation worshiped at that location was April 27, 2014.  The following Sunday, Covenant members joyfully and by faith began worshiping at Quality Inn on Euclid Avenue in Wickliffe for approximately 6 weeks. In late June, 2014, Covenant Baptist Church began a long-term lease agreement with St. John of the Cross Parish in Euclid. 

The arrangement included space in St. John's former school building: a large classroom as Covenant's worship space, a main office, pastoral office and a shared private bathroom space. The church also leased another classroom for small fellowship gatherings and meetings. Access was granted to the larger gym area, industrial kitchen and additional bathrooms. By faith, Pastor Smith cast the vision for Covenant to continue to cultivate a strong, vibrant, evangelistic and disciple making ministry.  On July 30th, 2019, Covenant Baptist Church finally completed the sale of its Ridge Road property. On September 6th, 2019, Covenant Baptist Church made the long awaited transition to officially change its name to "Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc." By faith, a small group of members continue to serve and support the ministry as it moves forward into the future ordered by the LORD! (See details above...)