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"400 Years: The Vestiges of Slavery in Cleveland, Ohio..."

In February, 2020 Channel 19 News Executive Producer, Ms. Tamu Thomas, Reporter, Chris Frye and Photographer Al came to Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland, Inc., to interview our pastor, The Reverend Christine A. Smith, about the history, importance and continuing relevance of the Black Church in the Black Community and beyond. Pastor Chris was one of several African American pastors across the country to be interviewed on this important topic.  In addition to the individual interviews, Channel 19 hosted a community town hall meeting at the historic Karamu House to delve more deeply into the continuing struggles of African American people directly related to the "long shadow of slavery," in Cleveland, Ohio and across America.  Click here to hear the interviews. See pictures below...

Pastor Chris, 1st G, Ms. Tamu Thomas (Channel 19 News, Executive Producer) and Chris Frye, Reporter

Channel 19 News Town Hall Meeting Panelist  along with News Anchor, Harry Boomer, News Director,  Ian Rubin and Executive Producer, Tamu Thomas: "400 Years Vestiges of Slavery in Cleveland"

Channel 19 News holds Town Hall Meeting at the Historic Karamu House, Cleveland, Ohio "400 Years the Vestiges of Slavery in Cleveland"